9 Ways to Practice Self-Care During Difficult Times

Candle in Darkness
Photo from Trinity Church Wall Street

Trinity's pastoral care team offers these tips for taking care of yourself during difficult times:

1. Practice gratitude rather than guilt

2. Focus on simple things: slowly sip a cup of coffee or tea, look up at the sky to notice the color and clouds, light a candle

3. Sing or hum a tune you love

4. Visit an accessible place that soothes you

5. Breathe in God’s love and peace; exhale tension and fear

6. Be aware of and limit your online or TV news access

7. Take in the beauty of art, music, poetry

8. Join in a community group or effort that shares your concerns

9. Remember the invitation of Jesus to “Come and rest a while” (Mark 6:31)

If you or a loved one is facing illness, death, or another emergency, contact pastoral care here and our Sisters of St. Margaret will pray for your needs and concerns.

Note: A version of this blog first appeared on November 1, 2017.