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3 Ways Into Sunday’s Stories for Children: Valuing Intangible Treasures

The Ninth Sunday After Pentecost

Last Sunday, we heard a parable about wasting treasures. In that case, the treasure was lots of extra grain. We also mentioned intangible treasures — things that aren’t objects, things you can’t touch or see or own, things like friendship, memories, talent, beauty, joy, and kindness. What can we do to value those kinds of treasures?

Print, fold, read, and color the story of our dearest treasures.

A line drawing of one child giving their treasure — a stuffed animal — to another child
1, 2, 3


Sing and dance along to Priceless Treasure.

Pray and wonder about these questions:

  • What treasures are in your heart? Say a prayer of thanks for each of them.
  • How do you value them? Ask God about ways to care for them.
  • How do you gift them? Ask God about ways to share them.

Make a heart treasure purse.

  • Draw symbols for your treasures on small cut-out paper hearts or river rocks.
  • Make the purse.
    • If you want to try basic sewing, use fabric scraps, old t-shirt sleeves, socks, or whatever you can find to make the purse. With yarn or thread and kid-safe needles, stitch the purse together with a wide running stitch.
    • Or use felt and string or ribbon to make a no-sew drawstring purse.
  • Place your heart treasures inside.

After this week, Summer Sundays for Families with Children and 3 Ways Into Sunday’s Stories for Children will end for the summer. The Sunday 9am Holy Eucharist will continue in Trinity Church through September 4.

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