Baptisms in Trinity Church on Pentecost Day

3 Ways Into Sunday’s Stories for Children: Trinity Sunday

The First Sunday After Pentecost

Our church shares the name of this Sunday: Trinity. The Trinity has three names. Sometimes the names are The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Sometimes we say Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer. We experience God’s presence in many ways: in the miracle of ongoing creation, in humanity, and in the recognition of the Holy Spirit that lifts us and holds us in hope. People are more than one thing, too. What identities are part of the whole you?

Print, fold, read, and color the story booklet about Paul’s hope-filled letter to the Romans.

A storybook illustration of Romans 5

1. Sing and Dance

God’s love lifts us Higher and Higher.

2. Play and Pray

Play Keep it UpSee how long you can keep a balloon in the air. Challenge yourselves: use only your feet, or your head, or one finger. 

Try Balloon Belly Breathing with Kathy Bozzuti-Jones after playing and before you pray. It helps you to slow down and feel centered, so your whole body and spirit can be present to God.

Steadfast and comforting God, thank you for giving us hope to help us endure even when things are really hard. Help us remember we always have hope in you and share that hope with one another. Amen.



3. Create

Fold a paper airplane with some scrap paper. Think of something that makes you feel hopeful. Send your hopes to God when you fly your plane.

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