A family lights the Advent wreath during the 9am service in Trinity Church

3 Ways Into Sunday’s Stories for Children: Take a Break and Celebrate

Third Sunday of Advent

Early Christians observed Advent with practices that are similar to those we follow in Lent, like fasting. With children, we might just say that Advent liturgy and practice used to be a serious time to prepare ourselves for Jesus’s arrival in our hearts. However, even then, on the third Sunday of Advent, they took a break and celebrated along with Mary in her anticipation of her baby and of how he would help restore God’s kin-dom — on earth as it is in heaven. The previous week’s themes, hope + faith/peace = JOY!

Print, fold, read, and color the story booklet.

A line drawing of people of all ages walking happily down a path together while the sun shines behind them

1. Sing and Dance

Sing and dance with Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down in My Heart.

2. Play and Pray

Play Hot Potato or Freeze Dance with joyful Christmas carols. One person deejays and plays a song while others pass around a soft object. When the music stops, whoever has the object changes places with the DJ. Or dance during the music, and when the music stops, whoever is still moving switches places with the DJ.    

Pray: Restoring God, we know you are here with us and that your love transforms us. Help us open our hearts to you, coming together with joy and gratitude to hear and serve the needs of our communities. Amen.

3. Create

Create a paper chain with scrap paper or magazine pages to decorate and prepare your home or Christmas tree. Or fix or clean something. Renew, repurpose, or upcycle something in your home.

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