A child working on an activity sheet during Children’s Time

3 Ways Into Sunday’s Stories for Children: Let It Go

The Fourth Sunday in Lent

During Lent, we think about Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness, where he went alone with no friends or supplies to be close to God and to understand what is and isn’t needed for the creation of God’s kingdom on earth and heaven. We don’t go to the desert, but Christians have fasted during this time to help them come close to God, too. We let go of something we think we want or need to experience what that feels like, and to wonder if it is truly essential in our lives. Try to practice one of the fasts on the cards. Try to do it every day this week, either for the whole day or for a designated time period, so that it is difficult but not impossible. Or cut out the cards and choose a different one at random each day. At the end of the week, decide if you want to continue this fast until Easter (or longer), or try another, or stop fasting completely.

Each week in Children’s Time, we will be reading pages from Lara Alary’s lovely book for children about Lent, Make Room. You can order your own hard copy, or the eBook, which you can view on an e-reader or computer in a cloud reader app.

1. Sing and Dance

Sing and dance along with Elsa to the song Let It Go. And every time you sing the chorus — Let it go! — stretch your arms up high and inhale then exhale.

2. Play and Pray

Play reverse chess or checkers, where the object is to let go of all your pieces. Players must take pieces that are in positions to be taken. 

Was it hard or easy to strategize differently?
Was it hard or easy to take pieces when you had to?
Did winning/losing feel different than when you play the regular way?

Before you start and after you end each fasting period, say this prayer (or one of your own): 

Dear God, thank you for all that I am and all that I have. Help me to have what I need, and to need what I have. Please be with me and everyone in all of our needs. Amen. 

3. Create

Believe it or not, the absence of something can be creative. Write or draw on this sheet what you would do without ____________.