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3 Ways Into Sunday’s Stories for Children: Knowing What Is Enough

The Eighth Sunday After Pentecost

Knowing what is enough can be the greatest gift that parents, and faith, can teach children and seekers. Our riches, or “treasure,” aren’t only about things that are tangible. And knowing what is enough is not about self-denial or capacity limits, because Jesus taught and showed us that God’s kin-dom on earth as it is in heaven is one of abundance, not of scarcity — and there is enough for all.

Print, fold, read, and color the story of the rich fool.

Read the story of the rich fool


1, 2, 3


Sing the Prayer of St. Francis.

Play Gift Charades. Act out a gift (or skill or talent) that you have or wish you had. Have everyone else guess what it is.

Pray and wonder about these questions:

  • I wonder what is enough?
  • I wonder what is too much?
  • I wonder if there is anything we can or can’t have too much of?
  • I wonder if everything is like a pie?
  • I wonder what I possess that I’d rather share than to keep for myself?

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