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3 Ways Into Sunday’s Stories for Children: Identity and Epiphany

Second Sunday After the Epiphany

Jesus’s identity is revealed to us in the stories of Epiphanytide, in which he is described in many ways and by many names. During this time, we also remember the ordinary people who were called by God to say and do extraordinary things; we call them saints.

When we ask, “who was Jesus?”, we sometimes wonder about our own identity as followers of Jesus, God’s beloved ones. We reflect on the courage and wisdom that Jesus and the saints possessed to listen to and follow God’s call, even when they were uncertain or afraid.

This Sunday, we especially consider the life of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whose faith led him to dedicate his life to non-violent justice and equal rights for all. 

Print, fold, read, and color the story booklet.

A cartoon line drawing of John the Baptist and Jesus standing together after Jesus's baptism

1. Sing and Dance

Sing, dance, and sign along with the children from the summer program to Lift Every Voice and Sing and What a Wonderful World. How do those two songs go together?


2. Play and Pray

Play Simon Says, with a twist. When you’re the leader, use your name instead. Lead a sequence of five movements that are a little challenging for yourself and everyone. Instead of catching people who make a mistake, the leader starts over every time there is a mistake (including the leader). The leader keeps going until everyone can do the all of the same movements. Take turns.

Pray: Dear God, who teaches us about your love and life through your presence in Jesus and so many like Martin Luther King, Jr., and others today who help us share with others about your love through our presence in their lives. Help us see how you are with us today. Amen.

3. Create

Make an acrostic with one of your names (first, last, middle, or nickname), things that you like, and/or things that describe you. Then make an acrostic with one of Jesus’s names, or Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., or another person you admire, and things that describe them. Do you have anything in common with the other name?

Here’s an example:

halom (Peace)

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