A child is baptized in Trinity Church on Pentecost Day

3 Ways Into Sunday’s Stories for Children: Healing, Wholeness, and Freedom

The Second Sunday After Pentecost and Juneteenth

Many of our stories during this long growing season are set in different times in the Bible when new communities and expressions of God were being formed. There were always growing pains, and very often one group inflicted them on another. Some people try to hold on to power by force. This is the opposite of God’s heaven on earth. But Jesus paid attention to people who were pushed down or out and showed everyone that all people deserve healing, wholeness, and freedom. When the first Christian communities were forming, Paul wrote about this in a letter to the Galatians: “There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus.”

Print, fold, read, and color the story booklet about about healing wounds from the inside out.

A line drawing of Jesus talking to a man outside of the city (Luke 8:26–39)

1. Sing and Dance

In Children’s Time this Sunday at 10am, we will celebrate Juneteenth with a special reading of All Different Now and some singing and dancing with songs about freedom.

2. Play and Pray

When we hold on to anger, anxiety, jealously, sadness, fear, or anything that keeps us from peace and kindness, we give those feelings all of our power. Even if there are good reasons for these feelings, they can get in the way of becoming who we truly wish to be.

Try this “Grrr…Ahhh” exercise: Tighten all the muscles in one part of your body at time. Hold them that way for as long as you can. Think or say, “Grrr.” Then release them with a deep long breath. Think or say, “Ahhh,” as you release your muscles. You could start with your hands, then your arms, then your face, etc., then try your whole body at once. Did you find yourself holding your breath when your muscles are clenched? Think of your breath as the Holy Spirit. Breathe it in, hold it, and then let it out as you free your body, mind, and spirit from feelings that were holding on to you.

Pray: Dear God, I pray for everyone to know freedom and peace. Amen.

3. Create

Print or draw and color a Juneteenth flag and sign for your door or window at home. Learn about the colors and symbolism

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