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3 Ways Into Sunday’s Stories for Children: God Loves Everyone the Same

The Third Sunday After the Epiphany

The Holy Spirit had filled Jesus with a clear vision of the ways he could show and share the good news of God’s loving “kin-dom.” He committed to his mission by pronouncing himself and his purpose in public in front of people who had known him as an ordinary child. But Jesus knew that God loved him and everyone the same; and everyone is special and beloved. —Kathryn Carroll

Read and color the Mini Storybook based on Luke 4:14–21.

A line drawing of people joyfully reacting to good news

The Mini Storybook is included in the take-home packets available at the 11:15am Sunday service. You can also print it at home.

1. Sing and Dance

Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around

Thousands of children sang this song together to stay focused on their mission in The Children’s March for civil rights. Sing, dance, walk, or exercise with this song’s words and beat. Sometimes we need strong hearts and bodies to act on a mission and face obstacles.

2. Play and Pray

Play “Picture This.” Three or more players. Two players or teams, and one “Holy Spirit Guide.”

Gather two identical sets of 10 blocks or Legos of different shapes and colors. Person/Team #1 leaves the room while the other Person/Team #2 makes a pattern, object, or picture with their set. Cover it with a towel or something. (Or take a picture and then dismantle or hide what you made.) The Holy Spirit Guide describes, step-by-step, to Person/Team #1 how to duplicate what Person/Team #2 made. Change roles and play again. Add challenges, like using descriptions of colors or shapes only, and not color or shape names. Or try it on Zoom with friends.

PrayDear God, help us to listen and watch for your Holy Spirit’s, love, guidance, and vision. Amen.

3. Create

Use the Mad-Lib Mission Statement form to write a mission statement for yourself, your family, your church, or other community. Post it someplace where you will be reminded every day this week, or longer.

Materials: Writing instrument and printed Mission Statement form (the form is included in the January 23 packet, or you can complete it on a computer). Illustrate your vision — on the page or in practice.