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3 Ways Into Sunday’s Stories for Children: Beloved Belief

The Second Sunday of Easter

Thomas knew Jesus was alive in a new way by witnessing his wounds — and their healing. We all can see Jesus in different ways and at different times. God is present, whether we believe it or not. Sometimes we can see, touch, hear, or feel God’s presence, and sometimes we can’t. The word “belief” comes from “belove.” What or who do we belove? How do we belove?

A line drawing of Jesus showing Thomas his wounds

Read and color the Mini Storybook based on John 20:19–31.

1. Sing and Dance

It’s Eastertide! We can sing and say “Alleluia” again.

Sing the song Alleluia, Praise Ye the Lord with your family. Half of you stand when you sing “Allelu,” the other half stand when you sing “Praise ye the Lord.” Sing it through several times, increasing the tempo, then slowing it down. 

2. Play and Pray

Play Touch and See. The leader will prepare bowls with different touch-safe household objects and materials, then cover them with a cloth so participants can’t see what’s inside. (Try to make sure there are enough bowls for all participants). The first participant can put their hand inside the bowl to feel what’s inside. They can describe to the rest of the group what they feel, and everyone is allowed to ask the leader questions about what’s in the bowl. When someone guesses what’s inside the bowl or when the group decides they want to see what’s inside the bowl, the leader can remove the cloth and show everyone the contents. Everyone can have a turn looking at what’s inside for themselves and seeing it with their own eyes. The process repeats for each bowl.

Pray (and practice): Ever-present God, you are with us in our times of doubt and welcome us as we are. Guide us on our path of doubt and belief and hold us in your love forevermore. Amen.

3. Create

There are 50 days in Eastertide. What if you practiced gratitude during this season?

Start a paper chain as a family. Each day of Eastertide, each member of the family writes (or draws!) something they’re grateful for on a piece of paper and adds it to the chain. What will your paper chain look like in 50 days?

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