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3 Ways Into Sunday’s Stories for Children: All Mistakes Forgiven

The Third Sunday of Easter

This Sunday’s Gospel story is about the time when Jesus reappeared to his disciples — “in a new way.” The disciples were probably sad and scared, but most of all, they were ashamed that they ran away and hid. They weren’t only afraid of the same thing happening to them; they were also hiding from their own feelings about their actions. But when Jesus returned, he showed them each time that friendship and love doesn’t demand perfection. And all mistakes can be forgiven. He didn’t say that in those words, but he showed them.

Read and color the story booklet or read the scripture in a Bible. How did Jesus show them that he loved them? What are some ways that you can be a friend like Jesus?

A line drawing of Jesus serving breakfast to the disciples

1. Sing and Dance

It’s still Eastertide. And this week it’s all about friendship. Sing and dance along with “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.”

2. Play and Pray

Play “That’s Me!” with friends or family — this is a great interactive, intergenerational game. Children get to share their favorite things while learning who else shares their favorites.

One child stands in front of the other children and shares a fact about themselves, such as their favorite color or favorite animal. Everyone who also loves that favorite thing stands up and yells, “That’s me!”

Pray (and practice): God of abundance, thank you! You never run out of what we need. Fill us up with your overflowing love, just like you filled the disciples’ nets so that we can share your love with those around us. Amen.

3. Create

Make friendship pins or bracelets and give them to a friend or to a someone who might need one. 

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