Trinity Photography and Film Policy

Trinity’s iconic buildings – Trinity Church Wall Street, St. Paul’s Chapel, and Trinity Uptown Cemetery & Mausoleum – are often sought out as backdrops for film and video projects.  As part of being a good neighbor and in support of the local film industry, we are happy to consider these requests.  At the same time, our first priority is to ensure that our worship services and other activities are not disrupted, and that the topic of any video or photo project is consistent with Trinity’s mission.  

Advance Permission Required — In the interest of this objective, photographing and/or filming any Trinity property, including the parish buildings and facilities, requires advance written consent from Trinity Church Wall Street.  The terms and conditions of such consent are described in Trinity’s location release. 

Exception: personal, non-commercial photography and videography is permitted, provided that no auxiliary equipment (such as external strobes and tripods) is used.

Please direct any questions or requests to Media Relations.

Criteria and Limits – Creation of content that is intended for use in furtherance of Trinity’s mission (such as educational or religious use) is likely to be permitted. Photography and film projects created primarily for entertainment or commercial use may be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Advertising and campaigns for commercial products or services are not permitted.

Filming inside of Trinity Church or St. Paul’s Chapel is not permitted.

Access to church property for news media is at the discretion of the Media Relations team.

In reviewing any request for photography or filming, the following will be considered:

  • Whether the purpose of the photography or filming furthers Trinity’s mission, as explained above.
  • The level of potential disruption to congregation, clergy, staff, and neighbors.
  • The expense, inconvenience and/or potential damage to property.
  • The potential for misrepresentation or misunderstanding of Trinity’s association with the project.
  • The date and time requested. (Filming is not permitted on Sundays.)