A snippet of Trinity Church’s charter

Archives Use & Access

Trinity's Archives are open to qualified researchers engaged in scholarly research college-level or above. 

Those wishing to visit the Archives for non-genealogical research must submit an email outlining your research purpose to archives@trinitywallstreet.org . The email should state in detail the purpose of the research, the affiliation of the researcher, and identify the objectives and intended products of the research inquiry. 

If you are unable to visit the Archives in person, our Archivists may be able to complete the research for you on a fee-for-service basis. Fees incur after the first 30 minutes of work. Fees are $20/half-hour of research time; if scans or photos of records are desired, fees are $10/half-hour of scanning time.


Our Finding Guide is a document that describes the records in our Archives. The holdings are arranged by department function. Each department function has an historical note which provides background and a scope and content note which describes what records are available. The dates in the headings in parentheses refer to tenure of the person cited; dates without parentheses refer to the date span of the records available in the archive. 

For a copy of our Finding Guide, please email archives@trinitywallstreet.org with a description of your research purpose. 

Records that are more than 25 years old are open to the public, with the following exceptions. Confidential records, including personnel records and other documents containing sensitive personal information, are closed for a period of 75 years. The Archivists also reserve the right to restrict the use of records if they have not been processed or appraised, if they contain unseparated personal information, or if their condition is fragile.