Illustration of Julian of Norwich, wearing a light brown robe with blue sleeves and a beige veil. She stands in front of a blue sky and a yellow disk, representing the sun. Julian is holding one red flower between her right thumb and pointer finger, in her other hand, a book and a feather.

Julian of Norwich: Love Is God's Meaning with Robert Owens Scott


In the fourteenth century, the woman we know as Julian of Norwich had a life-changing vision of God's love. She recorded it in the first English book we know to have been written by a woman, Revelations of Divine Love. The Greek word for revelation is Apocalypse, and like the apocalyptic narratives so popular from ancient times to modern, it presents a vision of reality that totally upends our usual experience.

What if God is love? Truly? Completely? Julian wrestled with the consequences of that question for twenty years while counseling people living through a time of devastating plague and seemingly endless wars, like us. In this contemplative retreat, we will explore her texts and questions and reflect on how her vision can change our lives, deepen our relationships, and energize our work for justice. This retreat will be led by Robert Owens Scott, who has served at Trinity Church Wall Street as a theological educator, writer, and producer, and whose prize-winning thesis at General Theological Seminary used Julian’s writing to ask what salvation means.

This free retreat will take place over five half-hour sessions via the Trinity Retreat Center Facebook page throughout the weekend at these times; all times are Eastern. Registration is not required.

  • Friday 7–7:30pm
  • Saturday 10–10:30am, 2–2:30pm, and 8–8:30pm
  • Sunday 4–4:30pm