A book in purple on a yellow background with the words, "The Way of Words & Images: Creative & Spiritual Journaling"
Classes and Workshops

The Way of Words & Images: Creative and Spiritual Journaling

Weekly on Wednesdays through June 23

Bring to life the words and images that come from within and around you to nurture and strengthen your spirit and well-being. Journaling is a powerful way to record, reflect on, and become a witness to your own experience, healing, and sense of self.

We will play with writing reflections, stories, questions, lists, poems, letters, and dialogues. We will also access our creative expression and spirit through drawings, self-portraits, images, collages, and scribbles that unite our hands, hearts, and minds. No artistic or writing experience needed. This class is facilitated by Julia Kristeller, MEd, of the Psychotherapy and Spirituality Institute.

Classes and Workshops