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Trinity Annual Pledge Appeal

Wise Hearts, Helping Hands

Christian stewardship is always based on gratitude: our understanding that all we have is a gift from God, left in our care for a short time. As good stewards, we acknowledge that resources are a responsibility; what we have in abundance was meant to be invested in the good of our community and our world.

Through an initiative of Trinity’s Congregational Council, in partnership with the Rector, the Vicar, and the Vestry, half of the parish’s 2024 Stewardship pledges will again be applied directly to the needs of our local community. Institutions selected by the parish will become our partners in outreach, service, and ministry—neighbors with whom we develop reciprocal relationships of giving and receiving, teaching and learning, serving and being served.

This year’s initiative marks the fifth year of our parish’s new approach to giving—one that remains rooted in ancient values: Jesus called all those who would follow him to rely on one another spiritually and materially. Dedicating a portion of what we receive to God’s purposes—sharing of our bounty for the good of the Church and the world—is at the heart of our faith.

As an institution serving New York City for more than 300 years, Trinity’s dedication to stewardship is an expression of its commitment to the health, growth, interconnectedness, and joy of our neighborhood; it seeks to nurture, encourage, and inform leadership that can confidently address the needs of all God’s people, and to share expertise that shores up partner institutions’ financial capacity and long-term viability.

Pledge, Donate, and Give Online

Why pledge?

Your pledge of financial support vitally augments our endowment income, helping to fund Trinity’s essential ministries, both far-reaching and close to home. Above all, an annual pledge is a spiritual commitment to God; as faithful stewards, we return a portion of what we have received in abundance back to the Giver. 

We invite every member of Trinity Church, St. Paul’s Chapel, and our online community to prayerfully consider making a pledge of financial support. The amount of your pledge is a personal decision; a gift of any size—from $10 to $10,000—is a spiritual discipline, and an expression of faith in God’s provision. 

If you are a donor of record or an anonymous giver, please consider joining the growing community of Trinity parishioners and friends who have made recorded pledges. We need and want everyone to participate by pledging! If you have questions about the spiritual aspect of giving, then please contact the Rev. Elizabeth Blunt.

How much should I give?

Giving is a personal decision, to be prayerfully discerned. All financial contributions to Trinity of any amount are welcome. What is important is that you make a pledge—a commitment—to God, our church, and its mission. The amount of your pledge will be kept confidential, and if your circumstances change after you have made your pledge, you can notify the Vicar or Development Office to adjust the amount.

How to pledge

To pledge online, click on the “Pledge and Give Online” button below, which will take you to Trinity’s third-party website, GivingFire.

From there, click “Create an Account” in the upper right corner, which will take you to a new page where you will be asked to create a password and agree to GivingFire’s terms and conditions. Once you have verified your email, you will be able to sign in to your account and see your Donor Dashboard, where you can modify recurring gifts and see your donation history.

How to setup an account

Please note that any online donations made when you are not logged into your GivingFire account will NOT be counted toward your pledge. All pledgers are encouraged to sign up for an account so that Trinity can track your online pledge payments.

You will receive an acknowledgment from the church, noting the amount you have pledged and thanking you for your contribution.

How do I honor my pledge?

Pledges can be paid as a single gift or by your desired installments, such as weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

All pledging households will receive offering envelopes that you may use to mail your pledge to the church office.

You also have the option to set up regular payments directly to Trinity through your bank's bill-pay system, or donate online via credit or debit card through a secure online donation platform. This platform allows you to schedule recurring payments on a weekly, monthly, or other basis, or make one-time donations to Trinity. All electronic transactions are secure, safe, and private.

Pledge, Donate, and Give Online

Online pledgers are invited to place their empty offering envelope in the collection plate at any service as both a sign and witness of their participation.

All pledgers will receive financial statements quarterly, including a final statement at the end of the year. It is a good way to keep track of your pledge and to make sure that all of your contributions have been correctly recorded.

Are there benefits of giving?

We pray that you are richly blessed as your gift is used to bless others. All pledging members get the satisfaction of participating even more fully in the life of the church and becoming stakeholders in our common mission and work.

All members who are contributors of record may vote at our annual elections and may participate in elected or appointed office. 

We invite you to join the 2024 Trinity Giving Initiative and becoming one of the “good and wise stewards” in the Kingdom of God. Thank you.