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El Duende

El Duende Talk & Performance Series

September 24–October 1 | St. Paul’s Chapel

Originating within the realm of flamenco in southern Spain, the tradition of Duende — a spiritual and physical response to art — tells the story of art’s transformational power across continents and cultures.

This fall, New Yorkers are invited to experience the inspiring force of Duende in a series of flamenco and flamenco-inspired workshops and panel discussions at St. Paul’s Chapel exploring Duende through poetry, music, and dance.

Directed by Andalusian poet, musician, and scholar Dr. Ernesto Estrella, sponsored by Trinity Church Wall Street’s Congregational Arts Committee, and inspired by the genius of Federico García Lorca — the first poet to write extensively about Duende — this series is free and open to all.

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Transformation through Poetry, Music, and Dance

Saturday, September 24 | St. Paul’s Chapel

10am–12:30pm | Live Music and Dance Panel
3:30–5pmGurumbé Documentary Screening

Hear from leading performers and educators in a panel discussion on the roots and current practice of Spain’s globally influential art form: flamenco dance. And experience a performance of a Federico García Lorca/Camarón de la Isla piece arranged by Dr. Ernesto Estrella and guests.

The presentation concludes with a screening of Gurumbé, a documentary film exploring the fundamental contribution of Afro-Andalusians to the art of flamenco.


Arielle Rosales Founder and Artistic Director of House of Duende; Member of Soles of Duende; Social Engagement Performing Artist and Interdisciplinary Flamenco Dancer

Aliesha Bryan Flamenco Performer; Winner of the 2016 New York State Flamenco Certamen; scholarship recipient to the Carmen de las Cuevas flamenco school (Granada); R-DMT Creative Arts Therapist

Xianix Barrera Bessie Award-nominated flamenco dancer, teacher, choreographer; scholarship recipient, flamenco program at The School of Jacob’s Pillow, Artist-in-Residence, Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana.

Flamenco Guitar Master Class

Saturday, September 24 | 1–3pm | St. Paul’s Chapel

Join a master class with Grammy Award-winning guitarist Antonio Rey. Rey offers an introduction to flamenco guitar and interacts with participants in an open dialogue about his process and compositions. An intermediate guitar skill level is recommended, no flamenco guitar experience is necessary. 

Flamenco Dance Workshops

Tuesday, September 27–Thursday, September 29 | 5:30–7pm | St. Paul’s Chapel

In flamenco dance, the tradition of Duende finds its most primeval and inspiring source. Come be transformed through a sampling of diverse classes. Open to all. Space is limited.

September 27 | Flamenco Dance Body Percussion Workshop with Arielle Rosales
September 28 | Flamenco Dance Workshop with Xianix Barrera
September 29 | Flamenco Dance and Therapeutic Movement Workshop with Aliesha Bryan

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El Duende Beyond Flamenco: Soul, Blues, and Jazz

Saturday, October 1 | 9:45am–1pm | St. Paul’s Chapel

Gurumbé Documentary Screening and Flamenco/Jazz Fusion and Gospel Performance and Panel

Look at the future of Duende beyond flamenco with the inaugural public presentation of a new flamenco/jazz fusion work followed by a panel discussion on flamenco’s origin and future with the performers and guests. The presentation opens with a screening of Gurumbé, a documentary film exploring the fundamental contribution of Afro-Andalusians to the art of flamenco.

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María Terremoto vocals
Tim Ries saxophone
Guest musicians


María Terremoto
Tim Ries
Miguel Marín
 Director, Flamenco Festival NYC
Dr. K. Meira Goldberg Flamenco performer, historian, and author; professor at FIT; Scholar-in-Residence, the Foundation for Iberian Music at the CUNY Grad Center

About Gurumbé

Flamenco is synonymous with Spanish culture yet, since its inception, theorists have sidelined the fundamental contribution of Afro-Andalusians to the art form. Commercial exploitation of the American colonies brought hundreds of Africans to Spain to be enslaved. Music and dance were a fundamental part of their expression and the most important affirmation of their identity. As the Black population began to disappear from Spain in the late 19th century, so too did their contribution to this extraordinary art form. In Gurumbé: Afro-Andalusian Memories, their story is finally told. Directed by M. Angel Rosales, Spain/Mexico/Portugal/Senegal, 2016, Documentary/History, Music, 72 min., Spanish with English subtitles.