Preparing for the liturgy of baptism on January 8, 2023
Photo by Leo Sorel

The Welcoming Message of Baptism

Trinity Church Wall Street welcomed new members on Sunday, January 8, through the sacrament of Baptism during the 11:15am Holy Eucharist.

Luca Jerome Griffith is anointed with chrism oil
The Rev. Kristin Kaulbach Miles anoints the forehead of Luca Jerome Griffith.

The Rev. Michael Bird, Trinity’s Vicar, joined with the Rev. Kristin Kaulbach Miles and the Rev. Alfred Loua in the symbol-rich liturgy that includes water, chrism oil, and a memorial candle.

The baptism of Dakota Gray Scarlett on January 8, 2023
The Rev. Michael Bird at the baptism of Dakota Gray Scarlett.

The baptisms happened on the Feast of the Baptism of our Lord, observed every January, and one of four feasts each year described by The Episcopal Church as “especially appropriate” for baptisms.

Each candidate received a candle, lighted from the Paschal Candle dating from Eastertide 2022, as, in the words of Father Bird, a “sign that you have passed from darkness into light.” The baptismal candles are painted by Trinity parishioners, a ministry that began in 2022.

Noah Rasheid Scarlett is baptized on January 8, 2023
Noah Rasheid Scarlett, seconds before being baptized by the Rev. Michael Bird.

The congregation also plays a major role in the liturgy of Baptism, reciting The Baptismal Covenant and later joining in the prayer that receives the newly baptized into the community of faith.