A group of Trinity Leadership Fellows stand in conversation. Chiseche Mibenge smiles at her colleague whose back is facing us. The text "Trinity Leadership Fellows" is overlaid over the photo, with a red six point star and grey swirling clouds at left.

Announcing the 2023 Trinity Leadership Fellows Cohort

Trinity Church Wall Street is thrilled to announce the second cohort of the Trinity Leadership Fellows program. These 23 professional and faith leaders were selected from more than 900 applicants, spanning various faith traditions and vocations. The cohort will convene in person at Trinity Commons in New York City this September to deepen the skills needed to effectively serve their communities and congregations while building lifelong supportive peer and mentoring relationships.  
Please join us in congratulating our 2023 Trinity Leadership Fellows! 

2023 Trinity Leadership Fellows

Adekemi Adeniyan

Adekemi Adeniyan smiles with her hands clasped under her chin. She wears a black ribbed long-sleeved top, with a white and black striped vest and white hoop earrings.

Adekemi Adeniyan is an Associate Pastor at New Reality Christian Centre Ado-Ekiti and a rural dentist breaking down barriers to oral health for underserved communities to ensure equitable access for all in Nigeria. She is the founder and executive director of the Dentalcare Foundation which promotes oral health equity in underserved communities through free dental services. She is an alumna of the Young African Leaders Initiative RLC, West Africa; an associate fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society, United Kingdom; a Senior Atlantic Fellow for Health Equity at the Atlantic Institute; and a Senior Fellow of the Aspen New Voices Fellowship. She is the 2019 winner of the Nigerian Her Network Woman of the Year award for healthcare and was named among Leading Ladies Africa’s “100 most inspiring women in Nigeria 2020” list. Adeniyan also won the COVID-19 Intervention Award at the 2021 Ekiti Future Awards and the 2022 Female Most Exceptional Changemaker in Healthcare Award from the Humanitarian Awards Global. She is the author of the first oral health storybook in Nigeria, “The Girl Who Found Her Smile,” and producer of the Oral Health Animation Series, “Anita Says.” She earned her Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Ternopil National Medical University, Ukraine, and her M.Sc in Medical Leadership at Lancaster University, United Kingdom, under the Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarship.

Ana Argento Nasser

Ana Argento Nasser smiles while standing in front of an orange backdrop wearing an orange shirt. Her hair is curly.

Ana Argento Nasser is the Co-Founder and General Coordinator of the Por Igual Más Foundation, which works for and with people with disabilities to promote a paradigm shift: moving from inclusion to recognition of wholeness. She is Catholic and a member of the Movement of the Word of God and Catechists for People with Intellectual Disabilities. With a bachelor’s in social communication, she is a researcher in the field of disabilities, authoring the Model of Communication and Legitimate Acknowledgement of Disabilities (CLADM) and advising on social innovation and sustainability for enterprises, governments, and NGOs. She is also a member of the Economy of Francesco (EOF), leading “the active voice of diversities” project in her role as co-founder and co-coordinator of the Latin American Network of EOF. In addition, she is co-founder of the Interreligious Networking of International Cooperation about Disability in Latin America and the Caribbean. Argento Nasser lives in Argentina with her husband and two children. 

Matthew Babcock

The Rev. Matthew Babcock smiles in the foreground while the background is a verdant outdoor landscape out of focus. He wears a clergy collar and glasses.

The Rev. Matt Babcock is an Episcopal priest. He received his Master of Divinity and a Diploma in Anglican Studies from Berkeley Divinity School at Yale. Prior to seminary, Matt was certified as a Six Sigma process engineer and has prior career experience as a commodities merchandiser and finance executive. He also served in various roles as a lay and ordained parish leader in North Carolina, Connecticut, and Illinois, and received additional training through the Interim Ministry Network. Babcock believes in the power of spiritual entrepreneurship and faith development and empowers all of God’s people to join in the work of transformation.

Damian Costello

Damian Costello sits in front of a mid-tone wood background, wearing a blue collared shirt and silver tie. He has sandy brown hair and blue eyes and looks to be speaking to someone off-camera.

Damian Costello received his Ph.D. in theological studies from the University of Dayton and specializes in the intersection of Catholic theology, Indigenous spiritual traditions, and colonial history. He is an international expert on the life and legacy of Nicholas Black Elk and the author of Black Elk: Colonialismand Lakota Catholicism. Costello serves as the Director of Postgraduate Studies at NAIITS: An Indigenous Learning Community, an Indigenous-designed and delivered ATS-accredited graduate school, and the American Co-Chair of the Indigenous Catholic Research Fellowship. He is a frequent contributor to National Catholic Reporter and America Magazine.

Brenna Davis

Brenna Davis sits in front of a deep red wall, smiling at the camera wearing a black blouse with abstract lines on it and silver necklace. She is a white woman with dark chin-length curly hair and dark eyes.

Brenna Davis lives in Cleveland, OH, in the Lake Erie Watershed, and currently serves as the director of integral ecology at the Ignatian Solidarity Network. Davis strives to work for ecological justice and to educate and form advocates who highlight the interconnectedness of justice issues for current and future generations.

Kudzai Belinda Deve

Kudzai Belinda Deve softly smiles at the camera in front of a white background. She is a Black woman with a burgundy ombre twists, wearing a black blazer, eggplant blouse, rectangular-framed glasses, and silver pendant necklace.

Kudzai Belinda Deve is the Director of Umba Create, a Social Enterprise that supports start-ups and corporations through innovative learning interventions for high-performing teams. She has a passion for empowering young people from underserved communities. Deve was selected for the competitive Mandela Washington Fellowship in 2016 and was awarded as one of the USADF Business Plan Competition winners. Deve has also served as a Minister of the Gospel and currently serves as a Lay Pastor of Throne Room Church in Zimbabwe. Her passion is to empower rural communities with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Grace Flint

Grace Flint smiles directly at the camera, standing in front of a leafy background. She is a white woman with dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and a pinkish complexion. She wears a neckband collar in deference to her role as an Episcopal priest.

The Rev. Grace Flint is priest-in-charge at St. Francis Episcopal Church in North Bellmore, NY, where she can be found getting her hands dirty in the garden or celebrating at the altar, or a little bit of everything in between. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, she served as a missionary for three years in Hong Kong, as a staff member of the churchwide office in New York, and as the assistant rector at a parish in Chico, California. Grace holds a BA from Indiana University and an M.Div from Church Divinity School of the Pacific.

Jessica Frederick

Jessica Frederick softly smiles at the camera with her head tilted to the left as she stands in front of a stone wall. She is a white woman with dark hair parted in the center and a pinkish complexion. She wears round glasses, stud earrings, and a cobalt blue cardigan over her neckband top, in deference to her status as a transitional deacon in the Episcopal Church.

Jessica Frederick is in the process of ordination to the priesthood in the Episcopal Church. Her faith journey has led her through varied vocations: previously, Frederick practiced sustainable agriculture in Western NY and creative nonviolence and human rights work in the occupied Palestinian territories. Currently a transitional deacon, she serves as Minister for Children, Youth, and Families at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Jamestown, NY. She enjoys the arts, poetry, and the natural beauty of Western NY, where she lives with her husband and daughter.

Jenny Holden

Jennifer Holden smiles at the camera standing a quarter right to the camera in front of a beige backdrop. She is a white woman with dark hair cut into a short bob, with a ruddy complexion. She wears a red sweater with a shawl collar over her priestly collared shirt.

Jenny Holden is the Advisor for Christian Life in the Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney (Scottish Episcopal Church). She works with congregations and individuals from urban to remote island communities to grow their understanding of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Previously she was Priest at St. John’s, Aberdeen, a diverse and growing city centre congregation. Holden has an MDiv from New College, Edinburgh, alongside attending the Scottish Episcopal Institute, after being an environmental hazards and development geography researcher in the UK, Germany, and Zambia. God’s inclusive love is at the heart of Holden's faith and ministry.

Marta Rivera Monclova

Marta Rivera Monclova softly smiles looking off in the distance as she stands in front of a light blue vinyl siding background. She has shortly cropped dark hair and a pale complexion. She wears a red glasses, a brown tweed blazer, and navy blue button up shirt.

Marta S. Rivera Monclova is shepherding an emerging monastic community in Hartford, CT, which joins a dedicated communal life with an outward ministry based on each member's gifts. Marta’s own ministry at Seabury Life Community centers on elders who are marginalized due to age and disability, supporting their ongoing spiritual formation and growth in the community. She is also a nominee for Holy Orders in the Episcopal Church of Connecticut and serves her parish as a preacher and worship leader. Marta holds an M.Div. from Yale University and a Ph.D. in English Literature from Tufts University.

Rose Gerard Mpango

Rose Mpango looks at the camera with a slight smile, wearing a priest's collar and silver cross pendant.

Rose Gerard Mpango is from Tanzania. Accepted to the TLF program in 2022, she is an alumna of Virginia Theological Seminary and has also studied and lived in New York. She was ordained in 2017 and has recently been working in the Anglican Diocese of Zanzibar as the first female priest and as the Director of Peace and Justice. Between 2018 and 2022, she also worked at Zanzibar Interfaith Center as a lecturer in Religion and Globalization teaching both Muslim and Christian students. Mpango is a pioneer in female leadership, an advocate for women, and is passionate about social justice. She loves to travel and learn about different cultures and expressions of faith. 

Folake Maryam Oni

Folake Oni stands in front a warm amber background, smiling brightly at the camera with her hand lifted with fingers slightly curled in front of her shoulder. She is a black woman with a warm brown complexion. She wears her hair in a long bob with red lipstick and a dangly earrings, with a black blouse with slightly puffed sleeves.

Folake Oni is a medical doctor, health systems strengthening consultant, and Principal at Sydani Group. A strong advocate for equity and social justice, Oni led the design of technology-enabled solutions to reduce SGBV against internally displaced women and improve their access to SRH services in Nigeria. She is a recipient of the 2021 Forbes Ignite Impact fellowship award and the 2022 Women in Africa Leadership award. Passionate about youth development, Oni founded Renewed Minds, a faith-based initiative focused on helping youths identify and pursue their purpose. Folake holds an MBA, a post-graduate certificate in International Health, and an MD.

Kenneth LaTron Padgett, Jr.

Kenneth Padget smiles at the camera in front of a grey backdrop. He is a black man with short-cropped hair and medium brown complexion. He wears a deep blue suit, white collared shirt, and a red and blue oversized paisley tie.

The Reverend Kenneth LaTron Padgett, Jr., serves as Senior Pastor of the Reedy Branch Baptist Church in Ward, South Carolina. Reverend Padgett is a proud native of Columbia, South Carolina. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Religion from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia in 2017, an Associate of Applied Science in Hospitality and Fitness Management from the Community College of the Air Force in 2018, and a Master of Divinity from the Morehouse School of Religion at The Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, Georgia in 2021. He is an adjunct professor in the Religion and Philosophy Department at Allen University in Columbia, South Carolina.

Nicholas Pande

Nicholas Pande smiles as he stands in front of a brick backdrop. He is a black man with short cropped hair and a goatee, with a medium dark complexion. He wears a light blue button up with an open collar.

Nicholas Pande is an adviser on disaster resilience and response at Anglican Alliance and leads environmental policy work of the Anglican Communion Office at the United Nations. He studied Agronomy at Moi University before joining Anglican Development Services of Kenya where he implemented community-based programs on food security, climate change, and disaster resilience and response. He then joined the Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa, leading similar programs. He has professional training in agronomy, project management, and public policy analysis. Pande is passionate about creation care and has represented the Anglican Communion at the UN Environmental Assembly, UNFCCC, and UNCBD Conferences of Parties.

Trey Phillips

Trey Phillips smiles while standing in front of a brick wall. He is a white man with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a golden complexion. He is wearing a red collared shirt.

The Rev. Trey Phillips is a priest and youth director at St. Catherine’s Episcopal Church in Marietta, GA. He is passionate about fostering multi-faith encounters with young people that combat antisemitism and other religious prejudices. His work focuses on reinvigorating the local parish as a center for deep theological learning by employing the best of human learning sciences and religious education. Prior to parish employment, Phillips served as a hospital chaplain amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He earned his MDiv from the Candler School of Theology. He and his spouse Annie live in Clarkston, GA, and enjoy movies, cookies, and playing dominoes.

Paul Richards-Kuan

Paul Richards-Kuan smiles while standing in front of a stone-clad church. He is a white man with a pinkish complexion and sandy brown hair. He wears a maroon blazer over grey shirt with a priest's collar.

Paul Richards-Kuan is the pastor of Christ United Methodist Church Cedar Mill in Portland, Oregon. He believes a better world is possible and it will take all of us to build it. In his hometown of Houston, TX he created mentorship and community-building opportunities for youth in the juvenile justice system, launched a community-based grasstops-organizing group, and built a weekly visual arts program for people experiencing homelessness. Currently, he is leading his congregation in building 54 units of senior affordable housing that centers on LGBTQ people. He enjoys researching urban issues, basketball, and playing mandolin.

Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson softly smiles at the camera, with St. Edmundsbury's Cathedral out of focus in the background. He is a white man with a ruddy complexion and dark brown hair and a slightly greying beard and mustache. He wears rounded dark glasses and a black priest's shirt with collar.

The Rev. Canon Michael Robinson is Canon Theologian at St. Edmundsbury Cathedral in Suffolk, UK. He is an executive member of the Cathedral's governing body with specific responsibility for learning and theology in the public sphere. Before ordination, Robinson worked in UK politics and is passionate about creating greater engagement between faith communities and public policymakers to work for the common good and social justice. He graduated in history from the University of Cambridge, returning to Cambridge to read theology for ordination training. He is currently studying for a Masters in Catholic Social Teaching.

Yuriria Rodríguez-Laureani

Yuri Rodríguez-Laureani softly smiles up at the camera in front of a white textured background. She is of Latine descent with a golden complexion, short dark hair, and dark brown eyes. She wears make up, gold dangly earrings, and an open-shoulder black blouse with a colorful paisley print at the front.

The Rev. Yuriria (Yuri) Rodríguez-Laureani is a Transitional Deacon from the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis, completing the Master’s in Divinity program at the School of Theology, Sewanee: The University of the South. She is a native Costa Rican singer, artist, and educator specializing in Latin American music and culture. For more than 20 years, Rodríguez-Laureani has performed in and conducted sacred and Latin American music choirs in the United States. Through music, she has developed programs and curriculums to accompany diverse communities in their journeys of faith, affirm their sense of identity, and celebrate God already present in the other.

Aaron Rogers

Aaron Rogers smiles broadly at the camera as he sits in front of a white backdrop with colorful paintings out of focus. He is a black man with dark hair, dark eyes, a goatee, and deep brown complexion. He wears a red and navy striped bowtie, light blue button up shirt, and navy blazer with a pin at his lapel.

Aaron Rogers is a candidate for Holy Orders in the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri. He has served congregations in New York, New Jersey, Missouri, and Illinois. He serves on the Community Governance Board for the Racial Healing and Justice Fund for the Great St. Louis Area and serves on the Executive Leadership Team of the Dismantling Racism Commission for the Diocese of Missouri. Aaron is the board chair for East Side Aligned and for the activist organization Faith for Justice. Aaron is passionate about social justice, racial equity, and healing. Aaron sees himself as a disciple of “good necessary trouble” in the spirit of John Lewis.

Mohamed Salia

Mohamed Salia softly smiles directly into the camera while in front of a white background. He is a black man with dark hair, dark eyes, and a deep brown complexion. He is wearing a blue and navy striped shirt with his collar open, showing a sliver of his white undershirt beneath.

Mohamed Salia is a Sierra Leonean social entrepreneur and human rights advocate. He holds a BSc. in Peace and Conflict Studies, a diploma in Entrepreneurship and Organizational Development, and a certificate in Entrepreneurship, with extensive experience and specialized professional formal training in strategic project planning and management; budgeting and finance; communication; and microenterprise/microfinance development. Salia is the founder and executive director for a local non-governmental organization called Supporting Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (SEED), which helps create opportunities for other young people, especially rural youth, widowed women, and other vulnerable groups, through microfinance and entrepreneurship skills development in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Peyton Williams

Peyton Williams smiles broadly at the camera, with the verdant grounds of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in the background. She is a white woman with dark brown shoulder length straight hair and creamy complexion and dark brown eyes. She wears a dark blue ditsy floral print dress with a v-neckline.

Peyton Williams seeks to center Christian communities in contemplative rhythms of life and embodied practices of justice as we live together in the way of love. Her call to the priesthood is grounded in her work as a chaplain with unhoused and incarcerated folks, as well as in parish leadership where she has worked to draw the church into the local community. Williams is currently working towards a degree in Anglican Studies at Yale Divinity School where she is immersed in a prayerful community and the living, breathing tradition of Anglicanism. She hopes to lead congregational development and community empowerment upon graduation.

Louis van der Riet

Louis van der Riet smiles directly at the camera in a black and white headshot. He is wearing round glasses, a white collared shirt, and dark blazer. He is a white man with sandy blonde hair.

Louis van der Riet is a Process Coordinator at Inclusive and Affirming Ministries (IAM), which catalyzes faith communities to recognize and celebrate LGBTIQ+ people in Africa. He is an ordained minister in the Dutch Reformed Church, where he serves on task teams that work toward gender justice, anti-racism, and racial reconciliation. He holds a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology from Stellenbosch University and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. At IAM, he works in the Faith Partnerships Program in mainline denominations, universities, and seminaries, doing facilitation, research, and resource development at the intersection of gender, sexuality, and religion. Van der Riet lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

Flourish Klink

Flourish Klinke, a non-binary White person with short hair, pale skin with a golden undertone, stands in front of a dark wood door. They wear a black blazer and black dress with dark round glasses and silver necklace tucked into their neckline.

Flourish Klink is a seminarian at EDS at Union and a postulant in the Diocese of New York; God willing and the people consenting,
they hope to be the first out non-binary person ordained in the diocese. Prior to pursuing the priesthood, they worked for many years in
the entertainment industry as a fan culture expert. They hold a B.A. from Reed College and an S.M. from the Massachusetts Institute
of Technology. Klink will start the Trinity Leadership Fellows program in 2024.

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