Baptisms Group Shot
Photo by Leo Sorel

All Saints' Sunday Baptisms at Trinity

It’s the custom of The Episcopal Church to perform baptisms on four feast days every year, in January on the Baptism of our Lord, at the Great Vigil of Easter, on the Day of Pentecost, and on All Saints’ Sunday, the latter of which fell this year on November 6.

The Rev. Elizabeth Blunt, who preached the sermon at the 9am Holy Eucharist, reminded the congregation that All Saints’ Sunday can be compared to “a mystical meeting place of the Church universal, the Communion of Saints in all its layers” and that to be baptized on that feast day is truly special.

The Rev. Phil Jackson baptizes sleeping baby
Photo by Leo Sorel

The Rev. Phillip Jackson, Rector of Trinity Church Wall Street, baptized twelve candidates, five of whom are babies or toddlers.

The Rev. Yein Kim gives a baptism candle to David De Hannay
Photo by Leo Sorel

The Rev. Kristin Kaulbach Miles anointed each baptized person on the forehead with holy oil, then each received a candle from the Rev. Yein Kim, which can be carried through life as a way to remember their baptism. Those candles are painted by volunteers from the parish. 

The Rev. Phil Jackson baptized Cinthi Pillai on November 6, 2022
Photo by Leo Sorel

The following persons received the Sacrament of Baptism on Sunday morning:
Christopher Bunton 
Cinthi Pillai 
Ellani Pillai-Bunton 
Jay Pillai
David De Hannay 
Youn Hur 
Wendy Tian 
Maverick Carrion 
Olivier Bruce Pierre Larroque 
Lily Ann Myers 
Erin Josephine Phillips 
Olivia Mary Scripps 

Because on All Saints’ Sunday past, present, and future come together without regard to earthly time, Trinity included in its 11:15am Holy Eucharist a Commemoration of Faithful Departed, reading the names of those in the parish and larger community who have died.

In that way, the feast day can be likened to, in the words of the Rev. Elizabeth Blunt during her sermon, a “beautiful fabric of God’s image stretched out between heaven and earth.”

Baptism font after baptisms
Photo by Leo Sorel