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Trinity Leadership Fellows Application

Minimum Requirements to Apply and Preferred Criteria for Successful Applicants

Thank you for your interest in the Trinity Leadership Fellows program. The selection process involves two phases. The first phase is the application on this page. Those chosen for the second phase will be asked to join a video interview in April of 2022. Selection will be based on demonstrated experience and success in leading/supporting groups to solve challenges, address issues, or expand on opportunities in ways that are/were grounded in faith and values. Please see the required and preferred criteria for applicants listed on this page.

Minimum requirements to apply:

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • For the Newly Ordained track (12 fellows): Ordained within the last 18 months or expect to be ordained before September 1 of 2023, the first year of the fellowship
  • For the Early Career track (12 fellows): 5-7 years experience (full or part-time) in their ministry or profession

Applicants must demonstrate the following characteristics with specific examples from their careers/ministries to be successful in the selection process:

  • An active person of faith
    Note: the curriculum and program are designed for a Christian audience, but this program is open to people of all faiths.
  • Has achieved goals that are in service of their community and the common good. They must demonstrate a desire to pursue non-self-serving goals
  • Has clear goals they hope to accomplish during the fellowship
  • Naturally inclined to build relationships and engage with people
  • Prior experience working with a group to inspire and guide them to achieve a common goal/s
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Entrepreneurial mindset, self-starters with demonstrated ability to creatively solve problems
  • Able to simultaneously see and think long-term and short-term; able to see the big picture and detail, the "forest and the trees"
  • Willing to sacrifice and have a high tolerance for discomfort to achieve goals
  • Able to balance personal ambition with the ability to listen and take criticism
  • Ability and desire to work with others

This application must be completed in one session; you cannot log out and return later.

Please prepare the following documents in advance:

  • A short resume (no more than 2 pages) as a Word or PDF document, to be uploaded
  • Responses to the following 3 questions, which you will cut and paste into the appropriate fields:
    • Biographical Profile: Please include a short biographical profile of 100 words or less. This is the type of profile included for staff websites or conference attendees. If you are selected as a Trinity Leadership Fellow, this profile will be used publicly so only include details that you would want to share with a wider audience
    • Short-answer question: In 100 words or less, please describe a specific instance when you supported or led a group of people (a congregation, a group of employees/co-workers, a group of volunteers) through an effort to address a challenge, create something new, or build on an opportunity. The focus should be on your role, your interpersonal skills, and your faith as elements in the success of the endeavor.
    • Essay question: In an essay of fewer than 300 words (and referring to but not repeating in full the story above) describe your leadership journey as shaped by your faith. The following questions can inform your response: What aspects of your faith inspire/motivate/sustain you to lead? How does your faith shape your interpersonal skills and the ways you work with others to set and achieve common goals? What have you sacrificed or minimized to stay true to your faith in leadership roles? What aspect of your faith or values makes you an effective leader?

Your responses must be grounded in specific examples from your work, volunteer work, and/or ministry, examples that you think your references will also note.

Please conclude your essay with 2-3 sentences describing what you hope to bring to and take away from the Trinity Leadership Fellows experience and how you hope to grow over the course of the fellowship.