Sunday Sermon, The Rev. Phillip A. Jackson: “Whose Glory Do You Seek?”

May 21, 2023

In today's Gospel reading, "Jesus does something remarkable," said the Rev. Phillip A. Jackson, Rector of Trinity Church Wall Street, at today's Holy Eucharist. "He stops teaching, and he prays."

Fr. Phil unpacks this "syntactically, thematically, theologically, and narratively rich" passage, which leads us to the purpose all Christians are called to do: Give glory to Jesus. Despite today's cultural tendencies toward the culthood of self, who do you seek to glorify? 

Watch his May 21 sermon here. The readings are Acts 1:6–14; Psalm 68:1–10, 33–36; 1 Peter 4:12–14, 5:6–11; and John 17:1–11. 

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