Sunday Sermon, The Rev. Kristin Miles: "The Practice of Kindness"

September 25, 2022

"All of us have within us this desire to have shared humanity," said the Rev. Kristin Kaulbach Miles at today's Holy Eucharist in Trinity Church. But it can be overwhelming to help. It can be scary. It is easier to do nothing, to say nothing.

"There is no easy transition from coming to church and Christian belief to taking hold of the life that is really life. It's in the doing. It's in the practice of not overlooking."

Watch her sermon for three ways that you can build up the community around us today and sound advice for tomorrow as well. The readings are Amos 6:1a, 4–7; Psalm 146; 1 Timothy 6:6–19; and Luke 16:19–31.

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