Sunday Sermon, The Rev. Elizabeth Blunt: "Who Among You Would Put the Servant First?"

October 2, 2022

To be a good server you have to be a lot of things: organized, creative, honest, coordinated, and above all you have to like anticipating what will make people happy. The real “career” waiters Mother Beth knows aren’t just in it for the tips, but rather “are people who get a kick out of making someone feel delighted and cared for.”

Today we see Jesus putting forth a model of Christian community that makes service “everyone’s primary calling," she preaches. “He insists that those who follow him devote themselves to caring for those in need; that they consider society’s most marginalized their equal siblings, and learn from those people.” Who among you will put the servant first? The readings are Habakkuk 1:1–4, 2:1–4; Psalm 37; 2 Timothy 1:1–14; and Luke 17:5–10.

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