Martin Luther King, Jr. Sunday Sermon, The Rev. Kevin W. VanHook, II: "A Time to Break Silence"

January 15, 2023

On April 4, 1967, exactly one year before he was gunned down in Memphis, Dr. King delivered “perhaps the most consequential speech of his entire life,” preaches the Rev. Kevin W. VanHook, II.

“It was here in New York City that King decided it was time to break his silence on the perpetuation of the three evils in American society: racism, excessive materialism, and extreme militarism.” In the wake of this speech he was denounced by 168 American newspapers, uninvited to the White House, and spent possibly the loneliest, and last, year of his life.

Why take the risk? Why do the hard thing? “King must have come to the realization that there is this dichotomy within the Christian faith between being comfortable and being called,” Father Kevin offers. “From time to time in our lives God issues an invitation to do what is difficult and stir up some good trouble.”

Watch his sermon from our Martin Luther King, Jr. Sunday service.

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