9am Holy Eucharist Sermon, The Rev. Kristin Kaulbach Miles: "What We Can Touch"

March 19, 2023

“Shepherds do all their work alone with no one to see them, so we know that when we hear about one, it is signaling a person of integrity.”

This morning Mother Kristin invites us to consider caretaking in its most tactile, elemental form. From a young David tending his sheep, to Jesus digging in the mud with a blind man, today’s scriptures serve as a reminder that even the youngest among us can grasp: when we care for what we can touch – from the earth, to animals, to the put upon – we are touching the place “where God dwells.”  Watch her homily from March 19 here. The readings are 1 Samuel 16:1–13; Psalm 23 and John 9:1, 6–17, 35–38.

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