Portrait of Lyanda Lynn Haupt with a bird standing on her head.

Nature, Environmental Justice and EarthCare: A Spiritual Weekend Retreat


Cutting-edge science supports a truth that poets, artists, mystics, and earth-based cultures have proclaimed across millennia: life on this planet is radically interconnected. Our bodies, thoughts, minds, and spirits are affected by the whole of nature and affect this whole in return. Join Lyanda Lynn Haupt, an award-winning author, naturalist, and ecophilosopher, as we explore her book Rooted: Life at the Crossroads of Science, Nature and Spirit. In Rooted, Lyanda explores “rootedness” as a way of being in concert with wilderness—and wildness—and throughout the book she offers practices, way-markers and fortification for all who are seeking our unique, bewildering path through the essential question of how to live with grace and authenticity on our imperiled, beloved earth. This will be an exciting retreat for participants to think more deeply about environmental justice, the places where we find joy, and our connection to nature. Come for rich conversations and dynamic teaching.


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