TRC A Poet A Priest

A Poet, A Priest Online Retreat


A Poet, a Priest

October 29-31, 2021 with the Rev. Spencer Reece

In this online retreat, the Episcopal priest and poet Rev. Spencer Reece discusses his spiritual and literary journey. He will connect literature to the Bible, uniting art and church in a way our culture has unfortunately moved away from. The Rev. Reece will explore how poetry, AA, and Al-Anon led him into the church, how writing and prayer have become synonymous for him, and the ways God speaks to us through people. 

This free retreat will take place over five half-hour sessions throughout the weekend at these times, streamed on Facebook Live. All times are Eastern. Registration is not required.

  • Friday 8–8:30pm
  • Saturday 10–10:30am, 2–2:30pm, and 8–8:30pm
  • Sunday 4–4:30pm